Meeting New People

This past weekend, my significant other introduced me to a couple of his friends for the first time (we haven’t been dating long so note that I’m still working on becoming completely comfortable with him as well). It was a really casual arrangement, we were just going to hang out at his place and play some video games for a few hours. I was totally fine with it leading up to the actual event and even in the car on the way there. Getting there and sitting down was apparently the only trigger I needed.

I could barely talk. I felt like my throat was closing up and I didn’t know what to do about it. His friends would say something funny and I’d allow a laugh to escape, but that was about it. I had no clue what kind of humor would be funny to them so I didn’t dare try to make any jokes. Thank goodness his big, fluffy dog came over so I had a distraction for awhile. Dogs are my lifeline in weird social situations. No one can judge you if you’re just petting a very happy dog for half an hour, can they?

I think the crux of my situation was that I don’t actually know how to play video games, and though he gently tried to get me to join, doing something new and possibly embarrassing myself in front of people who I don’t know scares the heck out of me. Don’t get me wrong, I do like trying new things, but only in situations where I know the witnesses aren’t going to judge me. I hate not knowing what buttons do what or how to get the special features to work. I don’t care about losing so much as not knowing what to do in the first place. I couldn’t wait for the excuse to leave the house with my significant other to grab a pizza for the group. But that brought on a whole new problem.

Eating. In front of strangers. Nope, uh-uh, not going to do it. This is not happening. I know, I know, I sound like a crazy person. But I am not the neatest person in the world and although I’d never consider myself a slob, I don’t dare take the chance that I’m going to drop the damn pizza on myself (like the klutz I am) and end up running out of the room in tears. Yes, I get THAT anxious around new people. Random strangers on the street I don’t care about, but people that I’m actually going to be seeing a lot more is a different kind of stranger, aren’t they? In my mind they are.

Eventually I got comfortable enough to play some really easy games they were playing and was able to have some fun, but it took me like 3 hours to get to that point and I am really trying to get to the point where I’m comfortable within the space of an hour. I think that may be a bit of a lofty goal but hey: go big or go home, isn’t that the saying? Does anyone else have these problems meeting new people? If so, please drop me a comment! Over and out my friends.


2 thoughts on “Meeting New People

  1. I get the jitters eating in front of people too. It used to be so bad I would let myself go hungry rather than attempt to sit in a public place and eat my food because I was that scared to even let one random person walking past to notice I was eating. Now I can eat in public, but I usually avoid trying to eat something that’s very fragrant or crunchy because that draws a lot of attention. Big no no for me. I don’t have a significant other, but if I have to eat in front of, let’s say, my brother’s friends, I would rather take my food and go into another room to eat instead of sitting in their vicinity and eating. Gah, one time my brother’s friends brought over cheesecake and they were all in the kitchen eating it. I was in the basement doing stuff and I heard them from upstairs asking my brother where I was. Thankfully no one came down to drag me upstairs. Another time I had a distant female cousin around my age staying over for the summer with a friend of hers. My brother’s girlfriend was also there that day. They were having key lime pie and I was literally unable to go anywhere near the kitchen because I was so freaked out about eating in front of them.
    If I was forced into that situation, I know I would’ve been very conscious of each bite I took. :/

    It’s good that you had the dog to keep you company as everyone else played games. The dog could be your ticket to freedom lol. Maybe you could ask to walk the dog or play with the dog outside if being inside with them gets to be a bit much?

    Yeah, I don’t have much interest in winning when playing video games either. Particularly the ones where I have to shoot enemies or race a rival to the finish line.

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    1. I am so glad I’m not alone in the whole fear of eating in front of others, it’s always been a problem for me and I swear I seem to keep choosing to just not to eat at all in front of others lately when really I need to just go into a different room.
      I like your idea of using the dog as a reason to get out if I’m feeling too anxious, I may end up doing that, thanks for the idea!

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