The Fidget Cube & Social Anxiety

Most people have heard about the trending, anxiety reducing cube called the “Fidget Cube”. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the Fidget Cube is a toy for people who tend to fidget. I’ve seen it pop up on many anxiety webpages and it’s been all over social media for months. It has 6 sides to fidget with. You can click, spin, flip, glide, roll or just breathe. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about it on a lot of different sites so when a friend of mine gifted one to me, how could I refuse?

The fidget cube is famous for helping people deal with their anxiety and giving them something to fidget with, but what if you’re too anxious to even pull it out of your bag? As someone with social anxiety, I have to tell you, the fidget cube tends to draw attention to yourself. I personally am not a fan of people looking at me or noticing me. I tend to want to fade into the background as much as humanly possible. If it didn’t look completely strange given where I live, I’d even wear full on camouflage if it meant I could walk through life unnoticed. So fiddling with a multicolored cube in my hand is probably not the best option for me.

Now lets say people didn’t notice I had the cube. Maybe they’re too busy looking at their cellphones or talking to their friends to notice me. (Because in reality, even though I think people are watching and judging me all the time, they probably don’t even think of me at all even though my brain screams that I’m being judged) I do think, however, when they hear the click click click of the cube, they’re going to be curious enough to turn around and take a peek at what I’m doing. Contrary to popular belief, the cube is not exactly silent. 3 of the 6 sides make an audible noise. The click, flip and roll options all make sounds and for someone who has social anxiety, drawing unnecessary attention to myself when I’m already feeling anxious (hence the need for the cube) would just be redundant and extremely unhelpful. Granted, there are the 3 sides that do not make noise, but when I’m absently turning this cube over in my hand, odds are I’m eventually going to hit a noisy side.

For me personally and for my level of social anxiety, the only place where I can confidently use the cube would be at home. Only, for the most part, I don’t really feel too anxious when I’m at home.  I was wondering how everyone else feels about the Fidget Cube. Have you heard about it or tried it? Does it help or does it disappoint? I’d love to get some feedback! Over and out my friends!


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