My Ultimate Anxiety Therapy List

Throughout the years, I’ve had a lot of bad moments. Like running-out-to-the-car-to-hyperventilate moments. My anxiety has skyrocketed and sent me to places I’d rather not make a return visit to. But as we all know, I will return to those places, and when I do I’ll need to pull out my trusty coping mechanisms to try and get through the pain. I’ve mentioned a few of my biggest therapy methods on here in the past: books, music, walking, etc. Those are the ones that are my constants, my everyday heroes when I can’t save myself. But there are tons of others and since making lists has always calmed my nerves and brought me peace (kind of weird but it’s true) I figured why not make a list of them for you all to take a gander at? So, here goes nothing!

  •         Yoga: Strangely I have always been more of a group yoga person than anything else. Kind of weird since I’m awkward around strangers, but I find the peace and the calm of the lessons to be extremely soothing. A good yoga teacher will wash away your self-consciousness and instead bring your mind to a state of rest and freedom from daily life. It is an amazing an enriching experience to take yoga classes and even though I only do them every once in awhile, I always come out of them feeling refreshed and at peace.
  •         Dog Therapy: I LOVE dogs. There’s no getting around the fact that if there is a dog within a one block radius I have probably already noticed it and gotten extremely enthusiastic about it. I go gaga over dogs and I am not ashamed to admit it. My own little bundle of fluff brings me so much peace each and every day. I love coming home to pet my dog and she loves getting pet! It’s a win-win situation that we both benefit from. I’m sure everyone has heard of how pets relieve stress and anxiety (thus why pet therapy is a thing that is done now) and from my own experience I’d have to agree.
  •         Hugs: There is nothing more rewarding in this life than loving physical contact and connection. Hugs are the best way to get that warm, fuzzy feeling that we all long for. Hugs also show that people care. My friends know better than anyone that if we hang out, they are going to get a hug from me before the day is done because it is just so important to me to have that feeling of connectedness with other people. It’s the quickest way to stifle my anxiety since it usually only takes 10 seconds of a really tight hug to do the trick.
  •         Getting Cozy: This one takes form in a variety of different ways. It’s all about feeling comfortable and content. I tend to like to wrap myself up in several blankets like a burrito, sip on a cup of hot tea, put my feet up and either read a book I love or watch a film I enjoy. This one takes a while to work. Several hours at minimum, but it does lower my anxiety levels through distraction and that’s important. It also eases the physical pain that anxiety provokes in my body (tightness in neck, shoulders, back, legs, etc.).
  •         Creative Writing: When you have all these uncontrollable thoughts bouncing around in your head like a ping pong ball, I’ve found the best way to get them out it by writing them down. Not just in a list, but in a story or a poem. There’s something so special about creative writing and the way it makes me feel. Relived. Excited. Fulfilled. All of the good things come from creative writing, even if the subject matter is depressing sometimes.

I’m sure there are more coping mechanisms I could add to this list (and one day I might add them in a different post), but these are the ones that tend to help me the most. Does anyone else do any of these to help with their anxiety? I’d love to hear some of your coping mechanisms as well! Over and out my friends!


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